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Ready? Here's how to get started at Publicdrum!


Do you have events to distribute? Just register and...

It's that easy!

  • Your event data is now available in a neutral format for anyone to use.
  • You can use YOUR 'master data' to automate and simplify many of your common promotion tasks.


Do you display event data?

Are you an tourism bureau, arts advocacy group or club with multiple branches? Getting the data for your calendar is easy:

It's that easy!

Community Calendar

Want to create a calendar for your community - or for topics you care about?

Community associations, ecconomic developiment districts, tech orgs, bloggers - bring people together with a 'community calendar'.

  1. Introduce your community to publicdrum and encourage them to make their events sharable.
  2. Manage your calendar by selecting the groups you want to feature (see 'Advocate" above).
  3. Use our free apps to make a web page, send out links - or display a QR code for the mobil version.

It's that easy!

Media, Developers, Aggregators

Get roaylty free, accurate event data for your business or development project

Publicdrum is a pipe for event data.

  • If you display contributor's events - they win with better publicity.
  • If you get the data your need - and cut your costs - you win.

Read more about our media services.

Read more about our developer services.



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