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Privacy Policy - Protecting Your Personal Information.


DO NOT enter any information that you would not want included in a public announcement.

Publicdrum is a free public service provided to streamline the distribution of event listings.

These listings are by their nature intended for public viewing. A user should use discretion when entering anything into any form on this site. There is no provision on this site to restrict access to any event - if you want to create private calendars or other 'invitation only' we suggest you use Google or Yahoo.

Information such as name, address, phone number and email address are provided to the public to assist in finding your event or getting additional information.

We do not collect any information beyond that necessary to make your event listings useful to the public. The information you provide is available for syndication to third parties who may or may not derive commercial value from your information.

Information Accuracy

Publicdrum makes every effort to ensure that the information provided by a user is presented is distributed as entered. To report any errors, contact Publicdrum at info@publicdrum.aactmad.


Publicdrum is a conduit for information entered and used by third parties and as assumes no responsibility for the content. This is not a moderated site and as such relies on it's users to identify material deemed inappropriate or illegal . We reserve the right to remove any such material. Report any abuse or inappropriate material to abuse@publicdrum.aactmad.


Publicdrum reserves the right to cancel any user's access this service at any time, without notice or recourse.