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This version of Publicdrum is reserved exclusively for organizations that display events on the AACTMAD event calendar.

Publicdrum is a free service that simplifies how event information is distributed.

Fewer webforms - better results

We help people who work with event data to efficiently enter, extract, display and distribute event information. more.

The Problem:

  • For people putting on events, there are lots of places to put their info - but filling out more than a few web forms is prohibitively time consuming
  • For people who use event data - a web form is a barrier to participation. If people don't use yours, you may lack the content you need to be relevant.

Publicdrum asks a simple question:

  • Is it really necessary to re-enter the same information? Why not share event data?

See how to get started. .. or... register now.

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Extensible, aggregatable, analytic friendly, journalistic integrity

You may not understand - but you should care. more.

The goal seems simple - distribute event data.

  • But if you have events, the options seem endless: social media, web sites, mobile. It all takes time to learn - and is quickly replaced by the 'next big thing'.
  • If you use data - all the interfaces and APIs are different - and who has the 'true' information and not a repost scraped from who-knows-where?

Publicdrum brings some sanity to the chaos.

  • "Neutral format" simplifys data sharing - it can be 'pushed' or 'pulled' into other applications without retyping.
  • "Extensible" means that when the 'Next Big Thing' arrives, you can easily participate. Regardless what it does, your master data stays the same.
  • "Aggregatable" means that people who display event data can easily get the data they need in the formats they can use.
  • "Analytic Friendly" means that companies that process 'big data' find a standardized format easier to use - and that they have the 'master copy', not a repost.
  • "Journalistic Integrity" requires that information comes from a 'primary source'. Publicdrum is a direct pipe connecting the users of event data to the one person responsible for the data's accuracy.
  • "An Enabling Technology" means developers can focus on their application - not the underlying data. Similarly, companies can integrate accurate, timely event data into their commercial applications.

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Always free

Automation makes it possible - free makes it affordable! more

Publicdrum was created by the people who use it.

Since 2008 Publicdrum has been working to make our lives - and communities - a little bit better!

  • People who put on events can save time distributing their information and get better public visibility.
  • People who use event information in a business or advocacy role can use Publicdrum as a data resource - either as a sole source or as a 'second web form'.
  • Our core belief is that all of us can help build a more vibrant community - we hope you will consider participating in community calendaring!

Check out our FAQ for more information about how - and why we do this.

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What WE want.

We created Publicdrum because people miss so many of the interesting things going on in their community. We want you to help solve this problem more.

We believe: "A better informed community - is a better community".
  • If you have events, consider getting a calendar and filling it in. Display it everywhere you can to promote yourself - and we hope you will also 'hook it up' with other users - share their events with your visitors.
  • If you are part of the traditional or 'new' media, consider using Publicdrum as a source for calendar content. Cut costs and improve content.
  • If you are a CVB or Tourism Department, aggregate and extract contributed data as an adjunct (or alternative) to requiring submissions via your web form.
  • Does your community lack a comprehensive 'go to' event calendar? Why not make one - with Publicdrum it's easy!

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