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Publicdrum provides simple, seamless solutions for displaying events from one group - or aggregating any number of groups.


Our API allows anyone to query our database - we believe open data encourages development of new ways to explore our communities.

You might also like our API wizard to help you quickly build your API calls.

Working with data

You can retrieve event data for use in your applications. Tips for: working with JSON data


Calendar tools and widgets

Some of our available calendar tools, links and widgets are covered in our 'Send it Out' link on the home page.

By default, they are configured to display the users's 'own' events - those they have entered, but you can also display or extract their 'aggregation' (groups they have selected for their 'community' calendar'). Simply look for the '/o/' in the sample code - and change it to '/s/'. (o='own', s='selected').

Check our API page for more details - or try the API wizard- you can both build API calls and select calendar widget to display the data.

Build something

Why not adapt your favorite application to use PD data - or create something completely new? What could be better- build the application you want, and let Publicdrum be your 'front end'.

If you wish, please consider sharing your application - we'll put it up for others to use.

Want to do more?

There is no "Pubublicdrum" corporation - we don't sell any event or personal data and we don't display ads. We're a couple of data geeks who really believe open data is a benefit to the community - think 'Craigslist' - something pretty basic, but REALLY handy!

We'd be glad to have your help!