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Data Wizard - get automated calendars or extract event data.

The whole idea of Publicdrum is that the data people enter can be widely shared. This 'Data Wizard' is the tool you use to find and use event data.

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1. Select the event data you want.


I want events that were     by User #  

The Publicdrum database has events from many contributors - the events entered by each user forms their 'feed'. You can combine (aggregate) any number of feeds to create a 'combined calendar'

Click here to select and manage your feeds.

  Show me those events occurring
  Provide details.

2. Review and test.



3. Choose how to use the event data you have selected.


Display these events.

  • Select an automated calendar to display them on a website, social network or blog.
  • You can also get them as a printer friendly page or RSS feed.

Extract these events as data.

  • Use them them in another application - like Word, Excel or dreamweaver.
  • Cut and paste into email.
  • You can get them as xml or json - create your own applications.
  • Or, get them as SQL for use with databases.

Get more control.

  • Tweak the request - for instance to get events occuring in two weeks, select "Next week" and change the "w+1" to "w+2".
  • Our API has many more options - continue refining your choices.



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